4 Reasons to Attend the Gettysburg Leadership Institute

ARTICLE | Feb 1, 2016


Gettysburg 2014 participants- Photo courtesy of The Gettysburg Foundation

Join us, May 18-20, at the Gettysburg Leadership Institute and experience the Gettysburg battlefield, learn from Gettysburg's most famous leaders, and be inspired by the courageous actions and decisions of soldiers at every level. Along with 30 other senior local government professionals, you will build and develop senior leadership skills and increase effectiveness by exploring the battle through the eyes of key Gettysburg commanders.

Here are the top four reasons to attend the Gettysburg Leadership Institute:

1. Content

You will learn the command structures, strategies, and methods of communication during battle, which contain relevant examples of today's leaders in decision-making, team building, and planning strategies for success.

2. Networking

Chat and connect in your leadership classroom, over meals, and on breaks. These are just a few types of local government professionals registered to attend this year:

  • County, City, and Town Administrators
  • Fire, Police, and EMS Chiefs
  • City and Town Managers 

3. Depth

Dive deep with hands-on learning experiences. As part of a walking tour, you will study the impact of the Gettysburg battle on the population of 2,000, which had to provide services for more than 51,000 casualties as a result of the battle. Over 152,455 men and 550 cannons were positioned in an area encompassing 25 square miles.

4. Knowledge

After attending, you will take back to your organization good and bad examples of leadership, the importance of communication, leading by example, recognizing and appropriately utilizing talent and skill, understanding the benefits and limitations of the tools and resources available.

Register for the Gettysburg Leadership Institute today! 

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