Call for Volunteers: ICMA Advisory Task Force to Develop Career Handbooks for Veterans

Develop one of a series of handbooks to assist military veterans transition to careers in local government.

ARTICLE | Nov 28, 2017

ICMA is seeking volunteers to develop one of a series of handbooks to help military veterans transition to careers in local government. Part of the resource (or resources) would be materials for current veterans and active duty military entering transition to civilian life to help them explore local government and local government management, positioning their transferrable skills to compete for positions; and how to research, apply for, and interview for local government jobs.

A second component of the resource(s) would be directed specifically to human resources staff within local governments on identifying the military skillsets and how those translate to local government. Human resources has been identified by current veterans seeking employment in local government as a barrier to entering the profession. Submit inquiries of interest to participate to Samantha Ferrigno at by December 15, 2017.


Hi, I'd love to help out with

Hi, I'd love to help out with this effort.  I retired from the Air Force one year ago after nearly 22 years and immediately transitioned into municipal management.  I always thought my career as a civil engineer officer would lead to a Town/City Manager job and I ended up getting started as a County Manager job after finishing close (but no cigars) in several Town/City Manager job applications.  I've had a great experience in my first 9 months on the job--learning new skills, applying skills, knowledge, and experience from my AF career that I didn't know or expect would transfer so well.  It has been a lot of fun.  But if I could go back to the me of one year ago I'd have some interesting stories to share.  Please let me know if I can help.  Thanks!

Derek Ferland

County Manager, Sullivan County (NH)

Colonel, USAF (retired)

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