Economic Development Modeling: Project Advisors Needed

ICMA - Esri team to develop economic development model for local governments.

ARTICLE | Jan 30, 2018

Many local government leaders across the globe endeavor to foster economic growth in their communities. The challenge in doing so for many small communities is where to invest precious time and money in order to produce tangible results. Responding to this challenge requires developing a nuanced understanding of how a community’s assets and resources stack up against those of other communities to determine economic markets where they have a competitive advantage.

ICMA is working with its long-time strategic partner, Esri, creator and developer of GIS mapping software, to help local governments respond to this challenge. By merging national data with relevant local data submitted by communities, ICMA members will be able to create an economic model to guide their community’s future.

During Phase 1 of this project, ICMA and Esri, working with a team of ICMA member advisors, will identify existing national data sets such as population, income, education, housing, and jobs to serve as the foundation for the model. ICMA and Esri will also work with the advisors to determine local community data that would be needed to develop a working model. Potential local data to be collected might include form of government, local funding priorities, financing, infrastructure resources, industrial sites for sale or rent, transportation facilities, nearby job training programs, and existing industries to develop a model (or series of models) that communities can consider in developing a plan for economic and workforce development.

If you are interested in serving as a project advisor on this important project, contact Cory Fleming at or 651/760-8001.

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