ICMA Honors Credentialing Board Chair, G. Curtis Branscome

Branscome to step down after 12 years

ARTICLE | Apr 16, 2018

G. Curtis Branscome is stepping down as ICMA’s Credentialing Advisory Board Chair after 12 years of dedicated service. Branscome’s tenure began in 2002, when he was appointed a member of the Credentialing Advisory Board (CAB). In 2006, he became the CAB’s Chair. During his tenure as chair, the program has grown to include over 1,300 members and expanded to include opportunities for managers from nontraditional paths to be recognized for their education and experience and make a commitment to continuous professional development.

George Goodman, Credentialing Advisory Board member, commented that “Curtis has been a superb chair of the CAB. He always exhibits professionalism, patience, and humor. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to get consensus on difficult cases, while always considering the thoughts and feelings of the group. As one of the original members of the CAB, it’s been an honor and pleasure to have Curtis as our leader. I wish him all the best as he resumes the pleasures of full-time ‘professional’ retirement.”

Branscome served as city manager of Decatur, Georgia for close to 20 years. He has been a member of ICMA since 1968 and an ICMA Credentialed Manager since 2003. Now an ICMA Life Member, some of his other accomplishments include serving as president of the ICMA Executive Board and chair of the ICMA Nominating Committee.  He most recently was the CEO of the state authority that owns the five-square-mile Stone Mountain Park in the Atlanta metro.

Credentialing Advisory Board member Chester Newland stated that “Guided by Curtis’s expertise and ever-balanced concerns, the ICMA Credentialing Program constructively facilitates professional self-development of managers for high excellence in their performance. It is a distinct privilege to celebrate and honor Curtis for his enormously important public-service accomplishments and his splendidly great humanity.”

Branscome will gather together with members of the Credentialing Advisory Board on April 19 in Washington, D.C., for his final annual board meeting as chair.  “He is an ICMA treasure” said Credentialing Advisory Board member Pam Brangaccio, and his “warm, funny, nurturing southern charm will be missed."


Curtis (and the rest of our

Curtis (and the rest of our colleagues on the CAB) has done yeoman work on behalf of ICMA and it's Credentialed Members.  Thank you Curtis.

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