Benefits to Hosting a Local Government Management Fellow

Why you should host an LGMF:

  • Augment your search quickly. Quickly add 10, 20 or even 40 top-quality MPA/MPP graduates to your recruiting process. The LGMF program delivers as many finalist files as you would like to review from top graduate schools nationwide.
  • Shorten your review time. LGMF applicants are screened by a panel of local government managers, alumni fellows, and academics, saving your staff time and money by eliminating the first screening process.
  • Select from the best of the best. Our rigorous application attracts only the most committed students. Finalists are selected based on academic performance, demonstrated potential, and a commitment to public service. And don't forget communication skills, initiative, creativity, and positive attitude. With the knowledge that any of our finalists can do the work, and will love the work, make selecting a fellow as easy as finding the right fit for your team.
  • Receive finalist files instantly. Our online application and placement system is provided by ICMA strategic partner, NEOGOV. You can receive a pool of applicants electronically as soon as you're ready to dive in.
  • Add high-quality talent to your organization. Finalists bring a fresh perspective, valuable skills and experience, and a willingness to take a chance. Below, explore the projects that past and current fellows have managed.
  • Your chance to give back. The LGMF offers an opportunity for you to build the future of professional management; it offers the fellow the invaluable experience of "that first job" with access to coaching and mentoring from a manager. The first job is the most difficult to obtain without experience, and good early mentoring is the foundation for an entire career.

Listen to an archived phone panel from November 2014 as ICMA Career Services and four 2014 Local Government Management Fellows speak about the value this program can bring to your community, and how it is preparing tomorrow's local government managers.

Host a Management Fellow in Your Community from ICMA on Vimeo.

Fellows manage projects and learn about the whole community.

  • Complete a study for the Emergency Management Department resulting in departmental reorganization; recommendations approved by the Board of Commissioners
  • Lead a group of county employees in implementing a reverse 911 system and secure 55 percent funding from outside sources
  • Analyze best practices for and develop a Customer Relations Management System and protocols for responding to citizen requests/complaints
  • Develop City/County Code of Ethics
  • Design an asset management system for the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Help the city develop citizen-centered performance measures
  • Work with the Community Development Agency to coordinate efforts in building affordable housing
  • Work with county initiative Criminal Justice Information Integration Network to help improve police agency practices through technology
  • Coordinate the Department of Defense's new Smart Card initiative and its implementation to emergency responders
  • Research models and recommend key policy considerations and restructuring actions for the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Division
  • Draft an annual update to the city's Economic Development Strategy, reporting on the accomplishments of all the departments' programs related to the strategy
  • Develop and implement a Citizens' Academy
  • Develop a firefighter recruitment strategy to diversify the applicant pool; assist in recruitment through partnership with the NAACP
  • Create and manage the hiring process for 911 dispatchers
  • Work with employee relations in researching the possibility for use of flex leave as an incentive during the hiring process
  • Research and recommend best financial practices for medical and dental self-insurance by local governments
  • Provide research for human resources classification and compensation study
  • Investigate the leasing possibilities for a parcel of city-owned land near the airport
  • Conduct assessment of housing needs of seniors and people with disabilities
  • Provide logistical support for new Minority, Women's and Small Business Enterprises Program
  • Help to design a county mentoring program
  • Organize a sale of surplus appliances from a purchased property
  • Create a central monitoring and reporting system to track donated grants and funds given for community event

"We were so impressed with the quality of the applicants, we hired two Fellows. If we had the budget, we would have hired three."

- Ed Daley, ICMA Past President

External activities representing the LGMF and host governments:

  • Speak at an HR-IPMA conference panel on generational diversity
  • Join the board of a local nonprofit agency to gain experience in fundraising and for networking opportunities
  • Serve as examiner for the Governor's State Quality Awards Program that is based on the federal Baldrige Award.
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