EPA's RE-Powering America's Land Initiative Releases Action Plan 2.0!

BLOG POST | Nov 4, 2014

As a result of comments from stakeholders and additional conversations both internal and external to the Agency, EPA revised its action plan to reflect the perceived needs and opportunities for renewable energy on contaminated lands, landfills and mine sites. 


Here is an overview of the plan's goals and objectives:

Goal 1: Provide Technical and Programmatic Assistance
Objective 1: Enhance and Disseminate Tools
Objective 2: Expedite Projects

Goal 2: Promote Policies and Best Practices That Encourage Renewable Energy on Contaminated Lands
Objective 3: Highlight and Analyze Programs and Policies at the Federal, State, Local and Tribal Level
Objective 4: Identify Successful Strategies, Articulate Impacts and Disseminate Lessons Learned

Goal 3: Partner with Stakeholders and Leverage Agency Efforts
Objective 5: Strengthen Networks and Facilitate Collaboration among Stakeholders
Objective 6: Leverage Funding and Build Capacity


To download the full Action Plan, please visit EPA's site


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