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BLOG POST | Nov 4, 2015

In 2011 USAID awarded ICMA a five-year city-to-city partnerships program known as CityLinks. This program was created under the simple premise that cities can learn best from other cities. These partnerships aim to help stimulate international development and improve sustainability, food security, resiliency, and water and sanitation.  The Notes from CityLinks blog provides the latest news and updates on this program.  Below are 3 posts that highlight what’s great about this blog:

  1. Earlier this year CityLinks hosted a webinar series on food security and climate change. The best way to learn about the webinars is by checking out the part 1 and part 2 posts.
  2. A great feature of this blog is that it lets you get to know the CityLinks team.  This post by the new CityLinks program manager Gregory Davidson describes how his experience in the Peace Corps has prepared him to lead the program.  The new assistant program manager for CityLinks states in this post, “Knowledge sharing and collaboration play big roles in international development.”
  3. This post describes the Shimla, India - Boulder, Colorado CityLinks Partnership using photos!

Learn more about the CityLinks program by checking out this brochure, following CityLinks on twitter, and liking the CityLinks page on Facebook.  

What is your favorite post from Notes from CityLinks? Share your comments below.

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