New Hampshire Students Learn the Ins and Outs of City Management Amid Snowstorm

UNH students visit with the leaders of the city of Concord.

BLOG POST | Apr 3, 2018

By Peter Clark, University of New Hampshire, MPA Candidate

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) ICMA Student Chapter visited the city of Concord, New Hampshire, to learn about the functions of the city and the day-to-day work of municipal government. Students received an overview of city government from ICMA members Thomas Aspell, city manager, and Carlos Baia, deputy city manager for development, along with Brian LeBrun, deputy city manager for finance. Students then traveled to the construction site of the future Concord city community center in the Concord Heights District, where they received a tour from Gill David, director of parks and recreation.

The students ended their visit at Concord general services, where they learned how employees work to make sure city infrastructure is up to date. Coincidentally, their visit occurred just as a significant snowstorm was beginning, and the students experienced what it is like in the office as the city prepares the necessary vehicles and equipment to get through a storm.

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