Reads and Follows of the Week (2/2-2/6)

BLOG POST | Feb 4, 2015

Here at ICMA’s Next Generation Initiative, we do quite a bit of reading…really a monstrous amount of reading. Each week we bring you some of our favorite reads from ICMA and beyond. And, as an extra added bonus, we share with you one twitter feed that we get great local government management material from for you to follow.


If you are in Boston (go Patriots!), and have been too busy digging yourself out of a snow pile to keep up-to-date with your local government reading, here is what we had the most fun with here in DC.

This week we are reading:

  1. From ICMA’s Center for Management Strategies, some good news about public confidence in local government (hint: it is far higher than public confidence in the Federal Government).  
  2. Two articles from the Atlantic’s CityLabs caught our attention this week. The first is about how slow local governments have been to embrace online solutions to simple tasks like permit applications. The second, which should excite all you transportation fans, Secretary Anthony Foxx unveiled the Department of Transportation’s 30-year vision of U.S. transport policy, which will involve a huge influx of federal funding for local transportation projects.
  3. From PBS Newshour, how Burlington, VT, became the first large US city to run entirely—yes, 100%--on renewable energy.
  4. The New Yorker, as usual, answers a fascinating question that no one was asking in their article about the point of city logos.  

This week we are following:

@BloombergDotOrg is the twitter account of Bloomberg Philanthropies. We particularly like their government innovation website, and their twitter page highlights some of the most innovative programs local governments are implementing all over the world.



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