Register for EPA's 2016 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP!

BLOG POST | Jul 5, 2016

Register by July 17 for EPA’s 2016 ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP!

Are you looking for ways to save energy, reduce operating costs, engage your building occupants and tenants, and get some positive publicity for your environmental leadership? Join the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s 2016 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP! Register today and get ready transform your buildings into lean, green, energy-saving machines in just 90 days.

How does it work? EPA will provide competitors with themed BOOTCAMP training kits, chock full of printable posters, social media posts, energy-saving reminders, door signs, and more. Each kit will focus on a new energy-or water-saving action in the workplace. Use the kits to engage your employees, students, and other occupants in tackling energy waste together, one new action at a time.

How are results measured? Track your energy and water performance each month in EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® tool, and report your savings at the end of the competition period.

How can I win? Within each building type category, the building with the greatest verified weather normalized energy savings (on a percentage basis) will take home top honors!

Sign me up! Registration ends July 17. Visit to enroll up to five of your buildings, and use Portfolio Manager to submit your building data. Then get ready for the competition launch on September 1!



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