USDOT to award $40 million to Smart Cities Challenge

BLOG POST | Jan 21, 2016

The U.S. Department of Transportation is currently accepting application for “Beyond Traffic: The Smart City Challenge.” The vision of the Smart City Challenge is to highlight one city that champions the ideas of a “smart city”—one that integrates transportation, public safety, public services, and energy with smart technology. With increasing population size and urban migration, cities are rethinking their infrastructure and transportation networks. Smart cities are emerging as a concept that can be used to address these issues in new and innovative ways. The Challenge is seeking bold and innovative ideas for proposed demonstrations to effectively test, evaluate, and demonstrate the significant benefits of smart city concepts.

Inefficiencies in our transportation system cost Americans, on average, each over 40 hours stuck in traffic each year – an annual national financial cost of $121 billion. At the same time, research indicates that cities account for 67% of all greenhouse gases (GHGs) released into the atmosphere. The transportation sector is the second-biggest source of GHG emissions, responsible for emitting 28% of GHGs into the atmosphere.

The USDOT will award up to $40 Million for one mid-sized city that can demonstrate how advanced data and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies and applications can be used to reduce congestion, keep travelers safe, protect the environment, respond to climate change, connect underserved communities, and support economic vitality.

Applications will be accepted through February 4, 2016 by 3:00pm EST. Prime Applicants must be State or local governments, tribal governments, transit agencies or authorities, public toll authorities, metropolitan planning organizations, other subdivisions of a State or local government, or a multijurisdictional group applying through a single lead Applicant. Five Smart City Challenge finalists will be announced in March 2016, and will each be awarded $100,000 to enable them to prepare detailed final applications for demonstration implementation. The selected Smart City Challenge Implementation Awardee will be announced in June 2016.

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