ICMA Annual Conference Scholarship from Cal-ICMA

Cal-ICMA will support three first-time attendees for the 2018 ICMA Annual Conference.

Cal-ICMA Releases Talent Initiative Report

Study Focuses on Best Practices and Resources to Better Attract, Retain & Grow Talent

New Tool to Support Local Homelessness Efforts

Joint Homelessness Task Force issues new report for cities and counties.

Cal-ICMA Scholarship Winners: In Their Own Words

Four recipients of scholarship support from Cal-ICMA share their experiences at the West Coast EPLI and Regional Summit in Burlingame

New Tools for ICMA Credentialing in California

Build awareness of the skills and experience required of the City Manager profession by earning the ICMA Credentialed Manager (ICMA-CM) designation!.

Talent Initiative Program

In late 2016, Cal-ICMA announced the launch of a Talent Initiative to be undertaken by the Cal-ICMA Talent Development Team (formerly known as the Preparing the Next Generation Committee). The purpose of the Talent Initiative is to engage Chief Executives, HR Directors, and emerging leaders of cities, counties and special districts in a conversation about three questions: What are the kinds of talent challenges that confound cities, counties and special districts local governments in California? What obstacles hinder our efforts to address talent challenges? What are the best practices from public and private, culture-building strategies, and other resources so we can better attract, retain and grow talent? Talent Initiative activities include: A survey of City/County Managers, HR Directors and emerging leaders regarding talent development needs. Five to seven focus groups with senior management leaders across the state. A summary report, including recommendations on how professional organizations can help us address the workforce challenges. A website showcasing best practices and other resources. Use of resources as part of existing training programs and conferences. According to Dominic Lazzaretto, City Manager of Arcadia, California, and co-chair of the Talent Development Team, “As we deal with the big challenges, it is all about talent. We believe that the Talent Initiative will help local governments overcome major workforce challenges so that we can better recruit, retain and develop those who serve California communities.” Focus groups were conducted from January to April 2017, and a draft report will be completed this month. The Project Advisory Committee for the Talent Initiative includes 35 City/County/Special District Managers and emerging leaders from around the state.  Resources Talent 2.0 Report Talent 2.0: A Modern Approach to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in Local GovernmentRead the Spring 2018 Report, produced by the Cal-ICMA Talent Initiative. Best Practices Compendium: Recruitment, Retention and Organizational CultureThe Cal-ICMA Talent Initiative gathered dozens of best practices from cities, counties, and special districts throughout the state. In 2018, leaders from the Contra Costa County Local Government Leadership Academy teamed up to produce a database of resources, sortable by topic (recruiting, retention/development, workplace culture, and engaging elected officials). Links to the initiatives and downloadable resources are available in this compendium. Talent Development Survey Results SummaryRead the summary of results from the 2016 survey of local government executives and leaders in California.   Talent Initiative Resources Winning the Race for Talent: Winter 2018 PresentationDownload the presentation delivered at the League of California Cities’ City Managers’ Department Meeting in Newport Beach. (January 2018) Ten Ideas to Better Attract, Retain, and Grow TalentDownload a summary of ten ideas for leaders to start attracting, retaining and growing talent. (February 2018) Workforce of Tomorrow ReportDownload a December 2015 report from the Local Government Research Collaborative and the Center for State and Local Government Excellence (SLGE) on attracting and retaining talent. Stay Interview QuestionsLearn more about how to conduct a stay interview. Additional Resources ICMA Coaching ProgramWith its roots in California, the ICMA Coaching Program has gone nationwide and continues to provide learning opportunities for local government professionals in all career stages. Credentialed Government Leader Program: Northern California (MMANC)Cal-ICMA has teamed up with the Municipal Management Association of Northern California (MMANC) and the Municipal Management Association of Southern California (MMASC) to provide a credentialing program to emerging leaders. Credentialed Government Leader Program: Southern California (MMASC)The Southern California-based program is structured in the same manner, providing a collaborative learning experience for local government professionals. For more information about the Cal-ICMA Talent Initiative, contact: Dominic Lazzaretto, City Manager, Arcadia, and Co-Chair of Cal-ICMA's Talent Development Team, at Nat Rojanasathira, Administrative Services Director, Danville, and Co-Chair of Cal-ICMA's Talent Development Team, at Frank Benest, ICMA Liaison for Next Generation Initiatives, at   

Contacting Cal-ICMA

ICMA West Coast Since 1990, ICMA has had dedicated staff presence with a Western U.S. Director in the West Coast Region. In April 2011, Kevin Duggan, retired city manager of Mountain View, began his tenure as ICMA West Coast Regional Director. Please contact Kevin with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding ICMA and its support of the West Coast Region. Additional contacts and staff ressources are listed below.  Kevin C. Duggan,  ICMA West Coast Regional Director; w 202/962-3583 c  650/888-5850 In addition, California has five ICMA Liaisons and one ICMA West Coast Regional Vice-President who serves as ICMA Board Liaison. Senior Advisors: Frank Benest, ICMA ICMA Liaison (Next Generation Initiatives); Pam Easter, ICMA Liaison,  Michael Garvey, ICMA Liaison (Northern California); Jan Perkins, ICMA Liaison (Southern California and Women Leading Government);   Dave Mora, ICMA Liaison (MMANC/SC); CAL-ICMA PRESIDENT: Greg Hermann, Assistant to the City Manager, San Luis Obispo, California; ICMA West Coast REGIONAL Vice President: Bruce Channing, City Manager, Laguna Hills, California; ICMA Board Liaison to Cal-ICMA; ICMA Headquarters Staff: Rita OssolinskiDirector, State & Affiliate Relationsrossolinski@icma.orgPhone:  202/962-3635