Who We Are: Cal-ICMA

The official state affiliate for ICMA members in California.

In 2005, California created a new model for its affiliation on a state level with ICMA.  Cal-ICMA, is a collaboration of the League of Cities City Managers’ Department (CMD); the California City Managers Foundation (CCMF); the two assistants groups (MMANC and MMASC); the County CAOs; the COG Directors; along with members of the academic community and from all of the other ICMA membership categories. Cal-ICMA is the "official" state affiliate with ICMA and is inclusive of all ICMA members without creating another “organization” with a separate dues structure.

Cal-ICMA coordinates member service activities for California, including: professional development and training; new member recruitment and member retention; response to “ethics issues” relating to ICMA members; and appointments to ICMA committees, task forces, and nominees for the ICMA Executive Board.

This collaborative maintains a strong relationship between ICMA and its members in California and creates a broader base of collaboration between all local government management professionals in the state, particularly in the area of professional development and training.

Cal-ICMA Leadership and Staffing

Cal-ICMA has a 23-member Board of Directors composed of representatives from the various groups of ICMA members within the state. 

  • Kevin Duggan supports Cal-ICMA in his capacity as part-time Western Region Director for ICMA. 
  • A team of five ICMA Senior Advisors serve as in-state resources on professional local government management, ethics, next generation activities, and overall links to ICMA.  They are:  Frank Benest, Pam Easter, Mike Garvey, Dave Mora, and Jan Perkins.
  • Rita Ossolinski, ICMA's Director of State & Affiliate Relations, provides communication and web content support to Cal-ICMA.
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