Intent to Host a Local Government Management Fellow

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Intent to Host a Local Government Management Fellow

This document is not a legal document, but signifies that our jurisdiction will participate in good faith as a host community for the Local Government Management Fellowship (LGMF) Program. We recognize the need to identify and develop the next generation of talented individuals to assume management positions within the local government profession and to provide recent graduates of schools that are members the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) with an enriching learning and professional development experience.

As a local government participating in the LGMF Program, we agree to fulfill the financial obligations of hosting a Fellow by providing for the following

  1. A one-year, full-time salary including benefits;
    • We understand the LGMF is competing with other fellowship programs, private industry, non-profits, and full time employment in federal, state and other local governments.  For example, salaries for Presidential Management Fellows start at $42,000 in lower cost areas of the country, and more than $56,000 for higher cost areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York City.  In areas with lower costs of living lower salaries can be considered, but this salary was selected based on current and future market conditions. Thirty-five thousand dollars is the minimum recommended amount, and the advertised minimum of salary to students;
    • We understand that ICMA encourages two or more jurisdictions to share a fellow to meet the salary requirement if funding for the full amount is not available;
  2. Membership in the state association of professional managers/administrators;
    • This encourages the participating fellow to become actively involved with the local government managers and administrators within our state; 
    • We understand the fellow’s ICMA membership is covered for the year of the fellowship; if they are already a member this will be renewed automatically. Membership is covered if you host a fellow for two years or renew a fellow for a second year;
  3. Travel and expenses to the ICMA Annual Conference; ICMA waves the registration fee for the Fellow to attend up to two ICMA Annual Conferences as long as they are a Fellow. Fellows should arrive by Friday evening to attend an all-day leadership training on Saturday before the conference starts;
  4. Complimentary registration for one ICMA Regional Summit and Emerging Professionals Leadership Institute; this is optional but hosts are encouraged to support transportation and accommodation;
  5. Travel and expenses to one of the following should the fellow so choose: the NFBPA Annual Conference, the Hispanic Network Annual Conference (IHN), and/or a state manager's conference;
  6. Time for the fellow to participate in scheduled program conference calls and learning activities (approximately one every 4-6 weeks);
  7. Underwritten travel expenses of LGMF finalists that will be interviewed by our local government (all or a portion at your discretion);
  8. Assistance with relocation.  This can include expenses, housing options, and/or transportation stipend or reimbursement (recommended, not required);
  9. A mentor (identified on the letter of intent) who will, for the duration of the Fellowship, be the Fellow’s primary point of contact and coach while the Fellow is in our jurisdiction, and will be available to the Fellow during rotation assignments; the mentor may be the CAO, a deputy, or senior assistant manager or department head, but not necessarily the Fellow's direct day-to-day supervisor;
  10. A work plan (job/rotation description) to be prepared and submitted to ICMA by the time we begin contacting candidates for interviews. The purpose of the plan is to create an enriching professional learning experience for the fellow.


  • We understand that our local government will be asked to choose from among a pool of LGMF finalists, and that these same finalists are interviewing for Fellowships with other host governments and for other full-time positions;
  • We agree that we will not knowingly hire a fellow through the LGMF Program that has already been placed in another LGMF-participant community;
  • We understand that the fellowship is a one-year commitment, but that we are encouraged to employ our fellow for up to two years as an ICMA-recognized Fellow.  We understand that after the fellowship is completed, ICMA no longer considers the fellow eligible for free ICMA membership or free ICMA Annual Conference registration and recommends you hire them full-time, or help them find full-time employment;
  • We will endeavor to hire the fellow full-time at or before the end of their fellowship, or assist them in finding full-time employment when the fellowship period ends;
  • We understand that upon completion of the LGMF Program, our jurisdiction will be responsible for participating in an evaluation process that will strengthen the program in the coming years;
  • We understand that we employ the fellow using our own human resources standards and policies, or a similar at-will agreement, and will follow those policies for hiring, on-boarding, or separation;
  • We agree to participate in the LGMF Program based on the criteria listed in this document.  By signing and submitting our Letter of Intent, our primary contact/approving administrator designates this letter as an agreement to participate in this program. This Letter of Intent secures our participation as a host government in the LGMF Program, but does not require us to host a Local Government Management Fellow - it is a commitment to participate in the program and interview candidates in good faith with the intent to hire.  If, for whatever reason, we do not find acceptable candidates through the LGMF pool we may postpone your commitment until the following year, or withdraw from the hiring process.

Once you have reviewed and agree to the terms, use the button above or below to sign-up online to host a Fellow. Please be aware that you will need a login with ICMA to access the online form, though you do not need to be an ICMA member.

For Your Information

It is recommended that you conduct in-person interviews, though many jurisdictions coordinate video-conference interviews or telephone interviews.  Whatever you are able to do, please be consistent and fair to each finalist.  Whenever possible, please include the manager in the interviews.  Successful fellows have stated that the presence of the manager in interviews helped convince them that the local government was serious about the program and the candidates. Also, we find that giving the finalist two weeks to decide on an offer is the best. Sometimes finalists will feel too pressured to decide within a week and decline an offer they may have accepted with more time.

It is acceptable and encouraged to interview candidates from the LGMF finalist pool while running your own concurrent application process.  Sometimes attrition of LGMF candidates can be very quick, and we do not want hosts to miss an opportunity to fill these much needed management fellow slots. If you hire a management intern/fellow outside of ICMA’s pool please contact ICMA about getting them involved in ICMA's Next Generation of local government managers and networked with the other incoming fellows. 

If you have any questions about the letter of intent please contact:
Robert Carty
Local Government Management Fellowship Program
Phone: 202.962.3560

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