PODCAST: Fighting the Threat of Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels

Hear Susanne Torriente describe how the city of Miami Beach is fighting to keep the community afloat.

Sitting as one of the lowest-lying areas in the state of Florida, the city of Miami Beach is very much aware that it is on the front lines of sea level rise. The impact of rising sea levels has pushed the city to spend millions of dollars on climate change strategies including elevating roads, raising sea walls, and installing pumps to push flood waters back into the Bay. 

In this episode of Local Gov Life, ICMA member, chief resiliency officer, and assistant city manager of Miami Beach, Susanne Torriente, sits down with ICMA to give us a snapshot of Miami Beach's current infrastructure, discusses how residents take part in the fight against climate change, and provides great insight for other local governments planning to build rising sea-level resiliency programs in their community.

Listen in to hear why this city is considered a leader in fighting the threat of climate change and rising sea levels.

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  • To meet your goals and to combat your challenges, regional collaboration and the sharing of tools with other organizations is one key to success.
  • Think: How do we build and how to we invest with the future in mind.
  • Find out your sea level projections for your region and start planning ahead.

Quotable Mentions

"We're really engaging in a lot of community outreach and education - so we talk about sea level rise to come, we talk about how low lying we are, and we talk to each neighborhood and each resident."

"We work with residents to ensure that the elevation is harmonized on the public side to the private side."

"Don't be afraid, be informed."

"We need to start building the cities of tomorrow and not just going on past experience." 

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