Podcast: Resilience in the Aftermath of September 11

Looking for a quick 10 minutes of inspiration? Professor Patrick Malone offers his thoughts on resilient leadership.

We asked Patrick Malone, who has been a frequent contributor to PM magazine if he would weigh in on the LocalGov Life Season 2 topic of resilient leadership in the face of crises and he did not disappoint. In this podcast, he reflects on the leadership lessons he learned firsthand in the wake of 9/11 and how he sees them being applied on a daily basis on the local government level. 

Patrick Malone, Ph.D. is an executive-in-residence in American University’s Department of Public Administration and Policy, where he teaches courses in public sector leadership, executive problem solving, organizational analysis, action learning, leadership ethics, and public administration and policy. He also serves as the director of American University’s Key Executive Leadership Programs and is a 22-year veteran of the Department of Defense.  

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Quotable Mentions

"In the subsequent weeks, months, and even years, it seemed as if our calling was even greater than before."

"The potential for tragic loss is only a millisecond away."

"We were bound at a much more personal level than simply achieving our work goals."

"Public servants are the ones that are protecting our homeland…performing the jobs that make it safe to be an American citizen."

"When disaster strikes, it’s our public servants that answer the call. The hurricanes weren’t a test….They were testaments to the men and women in the public service."

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