PODCAST: Step Out of Your Box - Step Out of Your Office

In this episode of United Front, Dana Muscott, city manager of Bay City, Michigan, opens up about the importance of work/life balance and why it's okay to just say no.

Dana Muscott is the first female city manager of Bay City, Michigan. In this episode of United Front, a special season of Local Gov Life, Muscott opens up about the criticism she has received about her education credentials - and how she overcame it; the management of a big career and a family; how to remain grounded in the CAO role; as well as the importance of mentorship in the profession. She also discusses why she chooses a hands-on approach as a local government leader with both her employees and the community - stating that everyone needs to have a voice - "so step out of your box, step out of your office!" 

Also Inside

  • State of work/life balance for women.
  • Prioritizing self-care and private time.
  • Obstacles as the first female city manager of a community.
  • Significant barriers to female leadership in the profession.
  • Getting men in on the conversation of getting more women into the local government management profession.
  • The biggest challenge for women coming up in the profession.
  • How women can find mentors.

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Dana Muscott, city manager of Bay City, Michigan

Get to Know Dana

Favorite leadership-oriented books and/or podcasts. 

Most of my free time is catching up on PM from ICMA, Governing, or The Review from Michigan Municipal League.

A leader/influencer Dana recommends local government leaders follow on LinkedIn or Instagram. 

Condoleezza Rice.

Professional associations she recommends joining, and why. 

ICMA, of course. This organization is top-notch. Since becoming a city manager, ICMA always has the information needed to complete a task. Their website is a valuable tool for all. Other associations, I recommend everyone join a local civic group, whether it be Rotary, Lions Club, Optimist, etc. It is amazing the feeling you get when you give back to your community when you are a member of a civic group.

Interests outside of work. 

Golf. I love to play golf when the weather is hot and beautiful – so a fair-weather golfer. It is so relaxing to be out in the open enjoying the beauty of the day.  My “perfect” foursome is myself, my husband Chris, and our two grown boys Cody and Connor. Second interest is my fur-babies. Currently, we have a lab and a german shepherd, and they are part of the family.



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