PODCAST: Think More Positively of Your Strengths

In this episode of United Front, Gina Holt, city manager of Springfield, Tennessee, opens up about women in the profession and the confidence gap.

Gina Holt began her career in Springfield, Tennessee, as the assistant to the city manager. Now, 28 years later, she holds the top spot as the city's very first female city manager. In this episode of United Front, a special season of Local Gov Life, Holt opens up about her longstanding career in government (both private and public) and discusses what it has been like as a woman working in a male-dominated field.

Yes, at one point she was asked to retrieve a cup of coffee for her male colleagues, and no, it was never asked of her again. Here, she digs deep about why the confidence gap exists, and strongly suggests that "women need to think more positively of their strengths and just go for it, and get out there and aim high." 

Also Inside

  • How women can go about finding a mentor in the local government management profession.
  • The most important strength women can bring to the profession.
  • Advice for women just embarking on their first leadership role. 
  • The most significant barrier to female leadership.
  • What's exciting Holt about the profession right now - hint: technology.
  • Who she thinks are the groundbreakers in the profession.

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Gina Holt, city manager, Springfield, Tennessee



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