Making a Difference Around the World

About Global Programs

ICMA draws on the experience of local government practitioners, researchers, and expert consultants to design, implement, and evaluate local government projects worldwide.

Our Expertise

ICMA’s expertise in a wide range of technical areas helps build local capacity to meet economic, environmental, social, and public safety challenges.

Our Global Reach

From our home base in Washington, D.C., ICMA has touched municipalities throughout the world. We have implemented projects involving more than 70 countries on six continents.

Accessing Our Services

ICMA regularly responds to solicitations and initiates expressions of interest when our capabilities match donor goals.

Become an ICMA Strategic Partner

About ICMA's Strategic Partners Program

See how the ICMA Strategic Partner Program works to build relationships between the public and private sectors that benefit local communities everywhere.

Benefits of Becoming a Strategic Partner

A strategic partnership can help your organization build relationships with ICMA members and gain name recognition as a well-regarded provider of services and products.

Strategic Partner Directory

View the directory of our strategic partners, showing their expertise, services, and contact information.

More Ways to Partner with ICMA


ICMA welcomes partnerships with universities and researchers to conduct surveys, develop reports, and create case studies and other resources.


ICMA connects you with key decision makers and talent in the public service industry. Post your advertising messages and job opportunities year-round with ICMA.

Communication Partners

ICMA's communication partners assist in amplifying the ICMA message, and our technology partners provide platforms for member engagement.

Preferred Providers

ICMA has exclusive relationships with the Center for Public Safety Management and the National Research Center to provide local government services.

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