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ICMA Survey Research Datasets

Results from select ICMA surveys are available for purchase by researchers and others interested in local government programs and practices.

Public Policy
White Papers

The ICMA Executive Board directed the organization's Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee (GAPC) to produce annual policy white papers, depending on resources available and the topics that require a managerial perspective.  ICMA and the GAPC select key policy issues to which ICMA members bring an important perspective and produce white papers on these issues for general release to ICMA membership, other Big 7 organizations, and the general public. ICMA's Policy Papers Public-Private Partnerships (P3s): What Local Government Managers Need to Know (December 2017) Infrastructure Financing: A Guide for Local Government Managers (January 2017) Municipal Bonds and Infrastructure Development - Past, Present and Future (August 2015) Leveraging Local Change: The States' Role (May 2014)  Management's Perceptions of Annual Financial Reporting White Paper (December 2013) Striking a Balance: Matching the Services Offered by Local Governments with the Revenue Realities (December 2012) Coping with Crisis: How are Local Governments Reinventing Themselves in the Wake of the Great Recession? (December 2011) 211/311: Is There a Case for Consolidation or Collaboration? (July 2010) Measuring the Results of Economic Stimulus Investments: Local Government Leading the Way (October 2009) Restoring the Intergovernmental Partnership: What Needs to Change(July 2009) Immigration Reform: An Intergovernmental Imperative (December 2008) A Networked Approach to Improvements in Emergency Management (August 2006 with April 2009 update) Emergency Management and Homeland Security (An Overview) (August 2006) Forced Franchising: Why Telephone Industry Calls for "Shall Issue" Video Franchising Shouldn't Be Answered  (2006) Other White Papers Navigating the Fiscal Crisis: Tested Strategies for Local Leaders (January 2009) Navigating the Fiscal Crisis: An Introduction for Elected Officials (2009) A Proposal for an Intergovernmental Policy Council This proposal was created by ICMA and with the support of NACo and NLC.  The proposal outlines ideas on how to rebuild the intergovernmental partnership between the federal, state, and local governments.     

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Summary Survey Results

A quick glimpse at survey responses to important questions in such areas as economic development, cyber security, smart cities, and CAO salary & compensation.

PM Magazine

About Public Management (PM) Magazine

Public Management (PM) is the official, award-winning magazine of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Free Publications for Members

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Economic Development
Public-Private Partnerships (P3s): What Local Government Managers Need to Know

This policy issue white paper defines the types and characteristics of public-private partnerships, along with their advantages and disadvantages, and offers eight case examples.

Technology & Data
Smart Communities and Data Analytics Report

This report from ICMA and SAS helps local governments identify trends and opportunities for action that make our cities and counties more efficient, effective, and sustainable.

LGR: Local Government Review, December 2017

A 16-page special section of the December 2017 Public Management (PM) magazine, powered by TownCloud, is available to ICMA members and PM subscribers for free. What's Inside: Local Government Cybersecurity in the U.S.: Survey Tells a Cautionary Tale Pursuing Innovation in Local Government Powerful Storytelling: Leadership Narratives from UK Local Government Chief Executives Nonmembers may purchase e-copies of LGR through ICMA’s online bookstore.

Cybersecurity: Protecting Local Government Digital Resources Report

To expand your understanding of the challenges and necessity of cybersecurity, download this free report.

Technology & Data
Smart Solutions: Technology Serving Communities E-Book

With publication of Smart Solutions: Technology Serving Communities, we encourage public administrators to become more familiar with the trends in smart technologies and consider the possibilities, challenges, and impacts of smart technology solutions in their communities. This publication is written for public administrators, elected officials, and academics who desire a primer on “smart cities,” or emerging technologies. ICMA and the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) offer Smart Solutions in a format featuring pertinent context, how-to guidance, diverse case studies, and relevant resource information on emerging technologies. Smart Solutions is intended to encourage further exploration. Nonmembers can access the e-book here.

Citizen & Resident Surveys
LGR: Local Government Review [June 2017] Issue

Key research findings and expert insights about current local government issues and trends into the hands of local government professionals.

Elected Officials
Making It Work: The Essentials of Council-Manager Relations

This free e-book for ICMA members offers a variety of suggested techniques and strategies.

CAO Resources
First-Time Administrator's Handbook

Steadfast guide for first-time administrators.

Next Generation of Managers
Preparing for an Interview

Following are some recommendations as you prepare for your interview.

Human Resources
ICMA Manager Evaluations Handbook

This complimentary handbook is intended to highlight the value of a formal manager evaluation process and to assist local elected officials(...)

Breaking into Local Government

A complimentary guidebook for career-changers looking to break into local government management.

ICMA Job Hunting Handbook for Local Government Professionals

Job hunting can be time-consuming and anxiety-producing!

Survey Research

Survey Research Overview

ICMA has been conducting surveys on topics significant to local governments for decades.  The data collected are used to provide valuable information for local decision makers.   ICMA typically surveys several thousand local governments and makes the aggregate survey results available online.  ICMA surveys local governments regardless of whether an ICMA member represents the government organization.  The data collected through these surveys are summarized, analyzed, and published in articles in Local Government Review (LGR) and other publications. Datasets available for sale can be found in ICMA's online bookstore. ICMA’s database of local governments includes approximately 8,000 U.S. municipalities with populations of 2,500 or greater as well as all U.S. counties.  The database includes population figures from the U.S. Census Bureau and identification codes that enable ICMA survey results to be combined with available federal data for more robust analysis.   Summary results of ICMA surveys are available here. Quality matters! ICMA’s surveys of local governments: Cover topics of importance to local governments, Identify trends in programs and practices, Typically have a response rate of more than 20%, with thousands of responses, Are developed with input from content experts and practitioners, Are reviewed for internal consistency and logic, Are pretested among local government officials. Recently completed surveys include: Libraries Survey, 2016 Smart Cities Survey, 2016 Local Government Innovation & Emerging Practices Survey, 2016 Solar Survey, 2016 ICMA will be conducting and/or completing the following surveys in 2017: Member Satisfaction State of the Profession Municipal Form of Government Alternative Service Delivery ICMA has collaborated with and administered surveys for various academic institutions, federal agencies, and foundations.  If you are interested in partnering with ICMA for survey development and administration, please contact Jelani Newton, Director of Survey Research, at

ICMA Survey Research Datasets

Results from select ICMA surveys are available for purchase by researchers and others interested in local government programs and practices.

LGR: Local Government Review

Putting key research findings and expert insights about current local government issues and trends into the hands of local government professionals.

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