City Manager/Administrator Reading Topics

Eric Pollitt ASKED

A brief introduction: I am a Second Year MPA Student (graduating in 2017) at the University of Kentucky with a career goal to become a City Manager/Administrator. I also plan on applying to the LGMF Program this Fall. To sum up my career experience: I worked for Virginia Tourism for three years, interned for a Congressman, and currently intern under a City Administrator for my summer internship. Brief Background at my Internship: While at my internship under the City Administrator, there are topics I have notice that seem to come up where I have very little background or classroom experience. The first being public works and infrastructure. My Boss (City Administrator) says he had little background in the subject until he became involved in local government. His advice was time and experience. Second, HR management. Most of our city's services are contracted out, but my boss says that managing your employees at what he calls a full service city - no services are contracted out - is a very important skill. My concentration in the MPA Program is Financial Management, and feel confident when my boss and I go over the financial workings of the City. My two major questions are: What books are recommended to improve my knowledge in these subjects? Also, what other topics should someone like myself who will be at the beginning of their career read and have basic knowledge of for the career field? Thank you for your help and feedback to my questions, I greatly appreciate it.


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