Maintaining Work Order Systems during Emergency Management Activation

Carl Harness ASKED

Hillsborough County uses a customer relationship management solution as well as varying work order systems for regular business practice. During emergency activations, the County also utilizes WEB EOC, the Florida-wide standard emergency management system that enables cross-jurisdictional coordination and cooperation during an event. Currently, we are working on developing processes and procedures to improve preparedness and response by defining how and when Hillsborough County departments will use individual departmental work order systems leading up to, during and after an emergency event.  We expect most jurisdictions have a multitude of systems they use during normal operations.  We welcome information related to your jurisdiction’s procedures during an emergency event.  Do departments continue to use individual departmental work order systems during activation in addition to the emergency management system or is all activity handled through the emergency management system? How is the information tracked for post-emergency response? Please provide the justification for the process and any additional background that may have gone into the decision. 

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