Tenet 7 and NRA Memberships

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I was recently at an ethics seminar and affiliation with political organizations came up as a tangential discussion. There was a question raised as to whether a city manager could maintain an NRA membership without violating Tenet 7. The NRA is a politically active lobby group but for most members is simply a resource for their personal pursuits. Under the ICMA ethics guidelines, it states,"Personal Advocacy of Issues. Members share with their fellow citizens the right and responsibility to voice their opinion on public issues. Members may advocate for issues of personal interest only when doing so does not conflict with the performance of their official duties." So, can an ICMA member maintain a NRA membership? How active a member can an ICMA member be within the NRA and other similar pro-2nd Amendment groups? For example, can an ICMA member attend a community-organized "Friends of the NRA" fundraising dinner?


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