1-1 Coaching

Personal guidance in your local government career from a local government professional.

Coaches can help you chart a path in local government, find information you need, and guide you to the answers that are right for you to difficult career questions. Coaching offers value for people at any stage in their careers by providing coachees with the opportunity to see their situation and opportunities from a fresh perspective.

Coaching sessions can take on many forms. Some are casual, informal networking and check-ins. Other pairs set up a more formal relationship and continue over time. You also may choose to get perspectives from more than one coach. See the ABCs of 1-1 Coaching.

Looking to conduct a coaching session? View our outline


Visit CoachConnect to create a profile. Use your ICMA login credentials (member or non-member) to login. You will receive an email after you are vetted by ICMA or our State Association Coaching Partners and your profile has been approved. We encourage ICMA State Association Coaching Partners to nominate additional volunteer coaches for CoachConnect. Please send nominations to ICMACoaching@donmaruska.com.

For more information, watch "Being a Great Coach". 


There are three ways to find a coach:
1. Tap your personal network or ask someone in your ICMA State Association to suggest a coach for you.
2. Visit CoachConnect. You will need to use your ICMA login credentials (member or non-member) and create a Player profile to get started. You can search by keywords and by state to connect with ICMA approved coaches ready and eager to help.
3. Tap the ICMA Senior Advisors in a state of interest to help you find a match and perhaps offer a warm introduction for you. You can find them through the state association websites.

How do I contact a coach?

CoachConnect will broker the initial exchange by email, but both parties will then follow-up directly for scheduling. You can contact them directly via phone (recommended) or email.

For more information, watch "Being a Winning Player". 

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