About ICMA's Strategic Partners Program

See how the ICMA Strategic Partner Program works to build relationships between the public and private sectors that benefit local communities everywhere.

The ICMA Strategic Partners Program helps companies and organizations gain access to influential local leaders. ICMA members are the key decision makers in local government, the chief administrative officers--city, town, and county managers. These managers handle the day-to-day operations that keep services up and running, while planning for the future at the same time. They supervise department heads, engage community stakeholders, develop and implement the budget, and procure products and services.

The Strategic Partners Program provides an opportunity for organizations to connect with these leaders through a meeting of the minds in which ideas, best practices, and expertise can be exchanged for the benefit of local communities everywhere. Created in 1996, the program was developed to foster productive public-private relationships.

For strategic partners, a partnership is an opportunity to connect and build relationships with ICMA’s 11,000+ members and gain name recognition as an ethical and well-regarded provider of services and products.

For ICMA, a partnership is an opportunity to connect members to resources, content, and information that can be invaluable in helping them manage in their communities. It is also an opportunity for ICMA to tap the expertise and experience of private organizations to develop projects and address issues of mutual interest.

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For more information about the ICMA Strategic Partners Program, please contact Erin Carr at 202-962-3697 or ecarr@icma.org.

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