Host a Fellow in Your Community

Craig Malin, city manager of Seaside, California, with his former fellow, Tanisha Briley, city manager of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Get one of the nation's top MPA/MPP graduates!

Joining the LGMF program as a host grants you access to top quality candidates from schools nationwide. LGMF finalists are MPA/MPP graduates screened by city and county managers, alumni Fellows, and academics sent directly to you for consideration and interview.

Fellows assume real responsibility, thrive in an environment that recognizes potential, and gain unique exposure to local government. Fellows are master's graduates and bring skills and expertise to work on a variety of projects that contribute to your organization far beyond that of a summer intern.  Think of this as a management apprenticeship to help build the future of local government management. Since the program began in 2004, 18 alumni fellows are now chief administrative officers, 8 are assistant chief administrative officers and even more are in senior positions in local government.

Become a host!

To host an LGMF, use the menu items at the right. All ICMA requires to start the process is a completed Letter of Intent to host. Submit the letter early to have your community listed when students apply in September. To have access to the most candidates, complete your letter of intent before January 31, as candidate finalist files are distributed to hosts in February. Hosts can sign up later, but be aware that candidates begin accepting offers early. 

Explore the Benefits of Hosting, FAQ, and other menu items for details on projects Fellows have managed for host communities.

Contact Rob Carty at 202/962-3560 or if you have any questions about the program.

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