For Professors

ICMA’s most popular textbooks are available only in print and are described on the Print Publications page. There you’ll also find information about quantity discounts and how to order. 

With ICMA e-books, a rich learning experience is on the way. As ICMA begins building our digital library, students and professors will have access to timely, relevant resources right on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, notebooks, or smartphones. 

ICMA e-books are produced with feedback from members and informed by member experience and research and analysis. By partnering with the following leading e-textbook distributors, ICMA is delivering a growing library of digital content to complement its print offerings:

If you are buying an ICMA digital publication for classroom use, we encourage you to use one of the e-book distributors noted above. An alphabetical listing and description of digital publications is available in the bookstore

The format of every publication in ICMA's bookstore is noted in brackets following the publication title. Please choose the correct format—purchases of electronic documents are non-refundable. You may download and save a PDF, .epub, or .mobi file to your computer or mobile device. To open these file types you must have a PDF (Adobe), .epub, or .mobi (Kindle) reader software/device. If you experience problems with your reader, it is best to contact the manufacturer of the reader software and/or device for support. 

Although examination and desk copies of ICMA print publications are no longer available, you can request exam and desk copies of most digital publications. (They are not available for training materials, self-study courses, study guides, Special Data Issues, The Municipal Year Book, and online assessment items.) Examination copies are limited to one title per course and four titles per term. Desk copies are reserved for professors who have adopted an e-book for their class.