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ICMA has many opportunities for you to use your talents and interests to become engaged and support the profession.


Committees & Task Forces

ICMA Member Task Forces, Advisory Groups, and Committees are a great opportunity for member participation, connection, and networking. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in coaching, mentoring, hosting a fellow, or pro bono opportunities?

Committee/Task Force FAQ

Who is eligible to serve? All ICMA members, regardless of membership category, are eligible, and everyone is encouraged to do so. Members who have not recently served on a task force/committee are especially urged to volunteer. Are there any particular qualifications sought in volunteers? Most importantly, ICMA is looking for volunteers with enthusiasm, creativity, and a willingness to actively participate. Attention is also given to ensure representation of minorities, women, and assistants, as well as members working in counties and councils of governments. Another goal is to appoint members from each ICMA membership region. Members must be willing and able to actively participate by attending meetings and working on projects. How are members appointed? Interested members should complete the online request form.  Appointments are made by the ICMA president-elect by June. Letters of appointment will be sent to appointees in ample time for them to make travel arrangements in order to attend their first meeting at ICMA's Annual Conference. Although attendance at meetings is not mandatory, acceptance of appointment should be based on a willingness and ability to actively participate in meetings and assignments. Members must participate in order to remain on the task force or committee.  How many vacancies exist? The number of interested individuals sometimes exceeds the number of vacancies. If you are not appointed, there are several other opportunities for you to become involved in ICMA activities. How long are the terms of appointment? Appointments range from one to three years depending on the task force or committee. All members will serve the length of their appointment unless removed by the chair for nonparticipation. When do task forces and committees meet? Meetings are held at the ICMA Annual Conference each fall. This is the first meeting that new task force/committee members attend. For the upcoming conference, most meetings will take place Sunday morning. Some task forces and committees have a mid-year meeting, but most function through e-mail and conference calls. Will I be responsible for my own expenses when attending a meeting? Yes, members are expected to cover expenses associated with attending meetings. What are the roles and responsibilities of task force and committee members? The ICMA Executive Board gives task forces and committees clearly defined tasks and timeframes. This structure was created to strengthen the effectiveness of member participation and linkages to board priorities, and to allow a group of members to work together for one to three years on clear tasks. Task force/committee members are directly responsible for all products or materials that are produced. The assigned chairperson takes the lead in organizing the work of the committee, with an ICMA staff member serving as a resource primarily to help with meeting logistics and distribution of communications. Do ICMA Executive Board members play a role? Most task forces and committees are assigned a board liaison. The board liaison serves as a linkage to board priorities, attends the conference meeting, and reports on issues and activities at executive board meetings.