Staff Directory

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Business Development & Partnerships
Emma Troxler Business Development Associate 202-962-3632
Erin Carr Development Manager 202-962-3697
Harleen Kovela Business Development  202-962-3506
Executive Office
Marc Ott Executive Director 202 962 3698
Uma Ramesh Chief Operating Officer 202-962-3621
Finance & Contract Administration
Astrid Hernandez Field Office Operations and Finance Manager 202-962-3549
Irene Kaushansky Compliance Manager 202-962-3526
Jeesun Moon (Agnes) Senior Accountant 202-962-3530
Kah Mun Loh Junior Accountant 202-962-3562
Marina Iraheta Accounting Assistant 202-962-3613
Nada Mohamed Controller 202-962-3542
Eva Travers Grants and Contracts Administrator 202-962-3638 
Sabina Agarunova Chief Financial Officer 202-962-3547
Sheyi Eko Senior Project Finance Manager 202-962-3546
Susan Santoso Payroll Accountant 202-962-3665
Human Resources & Administration
Bonnie Karns Director, Human Resources & Administration,
VP of Operations and CPAS
Adrienne Halpert Human Resource Generalist 202-962-3535
Marcus Griffin Office Services Assistant 202-962-3572
Business Applications & Technology
Alex Sittig Webmaster 202-962-3684
Casey Kuang Data Analyst 202-962-3694
Haroon Eyow Desktop Engineer 202-962-3581
Joe Winbush Server & Desktop Support Engineer 202-962-3674
John Cook Director, Technology Operations 202-962-3614
Juniper Thren Director, Business Applications & Technology 202-962-3501
Monica Jordan Senior AMS Manager 202-962-3596
Nat Morgan Project Manager 202-962-3615
Member Recruitment & Services
Brent Buesking Specialist, Member and Customer Support 202-962-3576
Camille Leverett Director, Recruitment Strategies 202-962-3569
Christa Rainwater Program Manager, Membership 202-962-3627
Christine Gendell Director, Member Support 202-962-3651
Dave Limardi Midwest Regional Director 847-533-0402
Felicia Littky Membership Program Manager 202-962-3656
Joyce Lee Brown Manager, Member Support 202-962-3625
Julian Lamphear Specialist, Member and Customer Support 202-962-3539
Karen Daly Mountain Plains Regional Director 202-962-3522
Kevin C. Duggan West Coast Regional Director 202-962-3583
Martha Perego Director, Member Services & Ethics 202-962-3668
Michael Silliman Membership Program Manager 202-962-3534
Randall Reid Southeast Regional Director 202-962-3502
Rita Soler Ossolinski Director, State & Affiliate Relations 202-962-3635
Rob Carty Director, Career Services & Next Generation Activities  202-962-3560
Robert Donnan Assistant Program Manager, Membership & NACA 202-962-3536
Rosalyn Ceasar Manager, Member Support, MIT Program 202-962-3544
Abbas Sabur Digital Marketing Coordinator 202-962-3518
Andre Medina Web Designer 202-962-3671
Barbara Moore Project Manager/Writer 202-962-3601
Beth Payne Editor, Public Management (PM) Magazine 202-962-3619
Erika White Creative Lead, Design Strategy and Branding 202-962-3571
Ellen Foreman Director, Brand Management, Marketing & Communications 202-962-3511
Kathy Karas Senior Editor 202-962-3624
Kirie Samuels Freelance Graphics Designer 202-962-3594
Lynne Scott Director, Marketing 202-962-3690
Michele Frisby Director, Public Information & Form of Government 202-962-3658
Niles Anderegg Research and Content Development Associate 202-962-3504
Samantha Ferrigno Marketing Manager, Membership 202-962-3543
Professional Development
Amanda Relyea Director, Professional Development 202-962-3582
Felicia Logan Director, Leadership Development 202-962-3626
Julie Butler Director, Conference Programs & Exhibits 202-962-3573
Jenese Jackson Manager, Credentialing Program 202-962-3556
Karen Rader Senior Conference Planner 602 268 8380
Matt Watson Events Registration Manager 202-962-3585
Nathaniel Kelley Associate Program Manager II 202-962-3554
Nedra James Program Manager 202-962-3648
Rick Aronhalt Senior Project Manager 202-962-3589
Ross Hoff Conference Director 202-962-3646
Research & Policy
Ann Mahoney Director, Publications 202-962-3643
Berna Oztekin-Gunaydin Local Government Research Associate 202-962-3634
Gerald Young Sr. Research Associate 360-689-9784
Tad McGalliard Director, Business Development
& Research and Policy
Center for State & Local Government Excellence
Amber Snowden Communications and Project Manager;
Executive Board Secretariat/
Public Policy Coordinator
Bonnie Faulk Operations Manager 202 682 6103
Elizabeth Kellar Senior Fellow 202-962-3611
Joshua Franzel President 202 682 6104
Global Program Management
Amy Roberts Assistant Program Manager 202-962-3592
Andrea Fox Deputy Director, Global Programs 202-962-3641
Anthony Green Program Manager 202-962-3509
Bryce Rosenbower Program Manager 202-962-3514
Carlos Loria Chaves Governance and Economic Advisor 202-962-3662
Cintya Renderos Senior Program Manager 202-962-3692
Cory Fleming Senior Technical Director & Program Specialist 207 854 1083
Damian George Director, Europe & Africa Programs 202-962-3602
Daniet Moges Assistant Program Manager 202-962-3527
David Grossman Director, Global Programs 202-962-3550
Isabelle Bully-Omictin Regional Director, Latin American Countries 202 489 2780
Jessica Johnston Senior Program Manager, CityLinks 202-962-3574
Jocelyn Fortis Assistant Program Manager 202-962-3507
Kara Elser Program Associate 202-962-3616
Lauren Crawford Program Manager 202-962-3532
Lena Khotsevitch Assistant Program Manager 202-962-3597
Lindsay Lucas Program Manager 202 962 3552
Marcus Travis Communications Coordinator 202-962-3515
Roma Shah Assistant Program Manager 202-962-3512
Scott Annis Program Manager 202-962-3595
Shraddha Kharel-Pandey Regional Director, Asia 202-962-3516
Tyler Dickerson Latin American Assistant Program Manager 202-962-3662
William Althaus Project Director 202-962-3693