Strategic Partner Highlights

Special strategic partner projects, programs, and initiatives

Strategic partners engage with ICMA in a variety of ways. Here are examples of major projects, programs, and services through which partners have directly benefited ICMA members and the communities they represent.

Premier Level Partners


A strategic partner since the beginning of the program, Cigna brings its expertise to members through various thought leadership contributions and educational content. 

 ICMA-RC continues its generous support of ICMA through ICMA Annual Conference sessions, webinars, and other professional development opportunities, and by its support of Life, Well Run, which raises awareness and appreciation for the value professional managers bring to build ethical, efficient, effective local government.


Presidential Level Partners

  A major sponsor of the ICMA Annual Conference, BoardDocs provides educational content through webinars and other forums. It also supports the annual conference app, wi-fi, and Internet Express centers.
 An expert in economic development, Buxton provides insightful best practices and case studies through conference sessions, webinars, and blog posts.
 The Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) is ICMA’s preferred provider of public safety assessment services and technical assistance. Since its inception, CPSM has worked with more than 300 communities to optimize their delivery of police, fire, and emergency medical services.
 As the sponsor of one of two ICMA scholarships to the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executives in State and Local Government program, eCivis helps enrich the ICMA community by supporting a renowned educational opportunity.
 ICMA works with Esri on thought leadership pieces and leading practices on spatial analysis and mapping to help managers better use data and technology to become "Smart Communities."
 The second generous supporter of the two ICMA scholarships to the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executives in State and Local Government program, the Ferguson Group is a legislative consulting firm.
 IBTS offers expertise on regulatory compliance, program and service management, and quality engineering services. ICMA and IBTS produced an e-book on “Smart Communities” and what it takes to work “smart.”
 ICMA and Microsoft have partnered to produce an important report on cybersecurity and steps local governments can take to protect critical data from attacks.
 National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) provides research support to ICMA on various projects. It also aids communities in the use of survey data to evaluate local government performance and measure resident satisfaction. NRC is ICMA’s preferred provider of citizen surveys and similar tools that contribute to data-driven decision making in local government.
 Through a comprehensive advertising package, NEOGOV connects members to innovate human resource software.
 ICMA and OnBase have partnered on a research project that explores how local governments use technology for improved service delivery.
 A waste management expert, Republic offers ICMA members educational information through webinars and supports the ICMA Annual Conference. 
 ICMA and SAS have teamed up to produce a report on how local governments can take advantage of data analytics to introduce improved policy development and decision making in communities.
 Shaanxi Land Group co-organized the Third Sino-America Land Engineering Cooperation Conference during the Brownfields Conference in 2017. In addition, the company has hosted dozens of ICMA delegates at a conference of the same name in Xi'an, China.
 ICMA and Siemens have collaborated on a new Smart Communities report focusing on strategies for energy and water infrastructure and exploring other ways local governments can improve results in everything from energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to green buildings.
 A new ICMA partner, TownCloud will share knowledge on cloud-based technology via webinars and articles. The organization is a sponsor of an ICMA podcast and LGR: Local Government Review.

To discuss specific engagement opportunities for your organization, contact Erin Carr,, 202-962-3697.

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